A new recreational facility with a boat mooring, houses and apartments will be built on the Lipno peninsula Kovářov

A new recreation centre will be built on one of the Lipno peninsulas, Kovářov. The project is the work of the successful Czech-Austrian family Dorn Fussenegger, which has been doing business and activities near Lipno for decades. For example, it provides boat transport on the dam. Called Vision, the complex will offer facilities for family recreation, especially family and terraced houses, apartments, a well-maintained beach or a boat dock. The project will clearly contribute to local development, creating dozens of new jobs, and the company will invest millions of crowns in local infrastructure, including new roads, a marina and a wastewater treatment plant.

Frymburk 28.9. 2021: On a peninsula directly on the bank of the Lipno River near Kovářov, a new recreational facility with a dock will be built. In the future, not only families with children will find peace, rest and exceptional privacy on the neglected shore of the reservoir, which has been unused for years. The project, called Vision, which is as respectful as possible to nature and the old people, will consist of family and terraced houses and apartments. The design is the work of renowned architects from Atelier 8000 in České Budějovice, who conceived the project primarily with regard to the strict rules of the Šumava protected landscape area, the needs of the locals and, of course, with regard to the tourists who come to Lipno.

"An important goal of this project is the added value in the form of a land development that is respectful of nature, local people and provides exceptional privacy for quality leisure time for rest and relaxation with family or friends. This is what people need above all today," says Group CEO Lorenz Dorn-Fussenegger.

The Vision project will contribute to sustainable long-term development in Leipzig, creating dozens of new jobs and benefiting the surrounding communities. In addition, the owner is investing millions of crowns in the local infrastructure. The project will include a marina for 39 boats, roads or a sewage treatment plant for the entire area, as well as other infrastructure.

"We would like to create a place where nature and the water area will be an integral part of the whole project and close at hand for the people," he added.

The final design of the project was developed in consultation with local cottagers, concerned authorities and conservationists. After downsizing and concessions, everyone finally came to a compromise and after ten years, the final building permit was issued.

"The Vision project is in an ideal form and perfectly matches the requirements of the customers, also because the project was created by architects who have the same ambition as we have: to perfectly combine tasteful and functional architecture with the local landscape. We will now implement it according to these plans," says Lorenz Dorn-Fussenegger.

"We are also planning through the eyes of our customers, from a functioning reception, to mowing the lawn, to clearing the snow, delivering fresh pastries and ensuring the complete rental of the property. All of this is expected by customers today," he adds.

"The Lipno Dam and the surrounding area confirms its reputation as a magnet for real estate investment. We are delighted that Dorn Fussenegger Group is the new owner of the Vision project. We have been cooperating with the group since the very beginning of the Lipno Tourist Board and its employees are among the most experienced professionals in Lipno," concluded Jiří Mánek, chairman of the Lipno Tourist Board, which takes care of the development of the area from Stožec to Rožmberk.

Those interested can follow the offer on the website: www.vision-lipno.cz

The Dorn Fussenegger Group has been doing business in Lipno for more than three decades and is one of the most successful companies in the region. Its founder is Lukas Konrad Dorn Fussenegger, who has Czech ancestry, as does his wife. They first got to know Lipno during a holiday in the summer of 1988, and were so enchanted by the South Bohemian landscape that they bought their first plot of land here in the mid-1990s, and thus began building their business.

They are behind several successful real estate projects near the Lipno dam.

The group also operates a shipping service, ferrying thousands of tourists to the South Bohemian sea on its steamships Adalbert Stifter, Smetana and Vltava, and the company has been part of local development and infrastructure for many years.


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